Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beware: Overpriced Silk Invitation Boxes

Beware high prices in the internet!
A view traders in the US and from Thailand offer wedding invitation boxes covered with 100% Thai silk or dupioni silk for extraordinary high prices.

Please beware ordering wedding invitation boxes covered with real 100% Thai silk or dupioni silk sold for over 30.00 USD 
Many vendors claim the unit price would be much higher because their product is made of 100% Thai silk, 100% dupioni silk... In fact the fabric price Thai silk versus faux silk is around x6 per yard, however unit price should not be extraordinary high.

We offer 100% Thai silk invitation boxes starting from around USD 4.00-USD 8.00 depending on the embellishment, size and style. When you order from us simply tell us that you prefer to order the product made with 100% Thai silk or 100% dupioni silk cover and we will quote you the unit cost and check on delivery charges.

Aditionally if a product is sold too cheap you must consider the product is manufactured with faux silk and often with very low quality craftsmanship and materials. We believe there are still manufacturers in Thailand using glues that are toxic and harmful and everything but not suitable for the use of manufacturing a quality Thai silk box.

If you would like to learn more about silk and it's origin you can read also our Thai silk article here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Embroidered silk envelope

Shown is one of our embroidered silk envelopes with initial embroidery and golden button. The shown design is padded and made with fine faux silk.

Wedding Pouches & Silk Envelopes

Some customers are looking for very light weight options for their invitation designs. 

A silk envelope is a product very suitable for such kind of requirement. NANGFA is able to customize all wedding pouches and silk envelopes. 

One example is the fabric, here clients can choose from a variety of materials including 100% Thai silk, 100% dupioni silk, fine cotton (for example if the invite is for the birthday party of a boy), and last but not least faux silk (as used for the silk envelope on this picture here). 

Depending on the client our factory can add standard padding or extra thick padding, add embroideries or screens. Very common ordered is initial embroideries and logo embroideries. To give each silk pouch an extra touch of elegance we recommend customers to use one of various crystal buttons instead of a fabric covered button or standard button.

The size can be adjusted to clients needs. Some frequently ordered measurements for this design is 7x5 inches and also 7x7 inches.

For more information about our silk envelopes and wedding pouches please contact us here

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thai Silk Folder

Our light weight alternative to silk invitation boxes is the silk folder. Customers love our gate fold design with embellishment, see example picture here. The side on the picture is 8x7 inches and can be customized to any size. We used 100% Thai silk for this silk folder. Other fabrics including 100% dupioni silk or faux silk (synthetic silk) can be used instead. On the inner of each gate are small pockets for RSVP cards. The middle has silk corners to place invitation cards. All parts are handmade.

Silk Favor Box

Silk favor boxes and silk gift boxes can be manufactured in various forms, sizes and designs. Shown is one of our round favor boxes in 5.5x1.5 inches. The box was manufactured with inner soft padding. 

Favor boxes covered with fine silk are exclusive and will give any event an extra touch of elegance. Colors can be customized to your color and event theme, embroideries added...

Clients can choose from a unique selection of quality embellishments including handmade bows, crystal brooches, buttons or unique embroideries.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shown is a picture from our factory. This production line takes care of embellishment adding to our removable silk pads. This order of 250 embellished silk invitation boxes was manufactured in 5 days. Our factory has a capacity of around 50K per month.

Wedding Invitation Boxes by NANGFA

Wedding Invitation Boxes have been manufactured by NANGFA since several years now and became very famous around the world by both, wedding planners and private clients.

Clients are able to choose from various materials including 100% Thai silk, 100% dupioni silk, cotton fabrics and the most common ordered faux silk. Swatch sets are available.

New Designs are added to our website every week. Customers can choose from a variety of buckles, brooches and bows to embellish their wedding boxes and can order any design in custom sizes and forms. We have our own embroidery machines and printing tools which allows us to offer embroidery service and silk screen service (hand screened) for logos, initials and other artworks at low cost. We additionally provide fabric printing service which allows customers to have their own fabric design.

Product Samples:
All products are stocked in several colors so that clients are able to order samples quickly to see the effect and quality of the product they have chosen. Samples come along with our silk swatch sets. Swatch sets are available for faux silk, 100% Thai silk and also 100% dupioni silk.

Quality & Price
NANGFA has been always the most competitive factory for silk related products. 
We advise: If the price of another vendor is low, better consider ordering samples and compare the quality with ours before. You might get into deep trouble as what you see online is sadly to often not what you get.
We found that several website claim to offer 100% Thai silk invitation boxes but use instead 100% polyester silk for your order. Additionally customers must know that there are several glues used by manufacturers which are not suitable for high end finishing.

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