Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding Invitation Box

This is a new design concept.
Now all our wedding invitation boxes are available with a elegant selection of extra large buckles and extra wide silk bands. if you are looking for couture silk invitation designs that are handmade with highest quality standards, look no further, is featuring some of the finest designs including silk invitation boxes, folios, folder and pouches available for wholesale as well as retail.
For shown 6x9x1 inches silk invitation box we used a 4 inches wide silk band in deep pink and combined with our 2x1.5" crystal buckle in oval shape.
Stay tuned as every week we add new designs yo our website!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Invitation Boxes

This is just to thank all our customer for their trust and support during the last view years. We increased our collection to a view hundred designs since 2008 and are still developing new ideas each month. High quality has always been a major issue for NANGFA and so we worked hard to improve our quality to bring our factory to the next level. NANGFA has also increased the production capacity and is now able to manufacture larger quantities than ever before. We hope to develop new wedding invitation boxes and favor boxes in the next days for our customer and look forward serving each single customer the best we can.

Wedding Invitation holder

This wedding invitation holder was also developed early 2009 and is until now one of our best seller. Trimmed with fine 100% woven silk this gate fold design is truly an eye catcher for any invitation.
Padded outside and equipped with pockets behind each gate and ribbon holder.
Fine handmade crystal embellishment with 2 inches ribbon. Selectable also with wider silk band!!
Try 100% Thai silk for an extra touch of elegance.

Wedding invitation pad

Embellished wedding invitation pad, developed early 2009 and still a good seller!

Embellished silk pad

Embellished silk pad with handmade crystal buckle and 2 inches ribbon. Suits perfectly to our handmade silk invitation boxes. Our silk folder can be manufactured in any required size and a great color range. For more elegance try to order with 100% Thai silk or 100% dupioni silk.

100% dupioni silk three fold design

100% dupioni silk three fold design, padded outside. 100% dupioni silk is famous for it's exlcusive look and feel and very suitable for our wedding folder.

Wedding Invitation Folder

We just developed this new padded silk invitation folder for wedding invitations. Here we used one of our new gold crystal closure which suits just perfect to an ivory silk and ribbon scheme.

The inner part features ribbon holders and pockets behind each gate.
We are confident, this is going to be our new bestseller in March 2010!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Oriental Themed Silk Bag

Oriental or Asian themed silk bag with lotus embroidery, suitable for wedding gifts.

Corporate Silk Box

Corporate Silk Box featuring logo or website embroidery on the top. Shown in pink. This box is suitable for jewelry, gifts and small invitation cards.

Asian themed wedding gift set

Picture of our new Asian themed wedding gift set featuring rosewood chopsticks and celadon holder from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Wedding Invitation Box

New brown themed wedding invitation box with extra wide silk ribbon and one of the new buckle designs.

Golden crystal buckle

Picture shows our new crystal buckle design with gold plate. Suits to all silk invitation boxes and silk folder.