Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Creative Luxury Wedding Invitations? How About A Boxed Wedding Invitations Covered In POure Thai Silk & Designed By Prestige Creations, Thailand

Handcrafted Invitation Designs Manufactured By Prestige Creations, Thailand In Traditional Techniques

While browsing through their website, one thing catches your attention from the start, the choices of Prestige Creations/ high end wedding invitation ideas are endless. Handmade since 2006, Prestige Creations pays attention to quality and design created for their clients. 

Customer can choose the color for silk, linen, velvet or suede from their color chart online, the  discuss the size and design details and order convenient either via shopping cart online or by e-mail. Orders can be fully customized and are shipped after production by DHL Express service to all over the world. 

There is a small minimum order required but small orders can usually be placed as well as samples and swatch books can be ordered. 

The collection of Prestige Creations is featured on their website Handbag-Asia.com and includes wedding invitations, couture invitations, luxury invitations including silk folder, folios, boxed wedding invitations as well as foil stamped invitations, linen folder and favor bags. 

Find out more on their beautiful website or send an e-mail directly to the sales team.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Personalized Cotton Cosmetic Bags With Monogram Embroidery For Bridesmaid Gift

It is sometimes not easy choosing the right premium gift or bridesmaid gift. 

Our personalized cosmetic bags however might just be what you are looking for. Your monogram, logo or initial can be embroidered onto each bag. 

And if you dont like cotton we offer all cosmetic bags also made of silk, velvet, hemp and linen fabrics. The size and color can be changed for you if required as well. 

Prestige Creations is manufacturer and wholesaler of luxury wedding invitations, personalized bags and eco bags.


Wedding Embellishments Wholesale For Luxury Wedding Card & Boxed Inviations

Rhinestone & Pearl Embellishments For Unique Invitation Cards

On Handbag-Asia.com we have recently published a new collection of wedding embellishments. 
Our brooches, buckle and clasp are used for wedding boxes or wedding cards to embellish them in a luxury way. 
Our handmade crystal brooch designs are well received worldwide and sold at low wholesale prices. 


Monday, May 26, 2014

Looking For Premium Invitation Designs With Rhinestone Brooch Embellishments & Elegant Thai Silk?

New luxury wedding invitations including peacock invitations, boxed invitations and folios

We have once again uploaded a new collection of silk invitations for your luxury wedding event. Included are silk pads with rhinestone brooch, silk folder as well as stunning wedding invitation boxes with large rhinestone crystal brooches. 

If you have interest ordering samples or placing a wholesale order contact us here or simply check out all latest designs here: Handbag-Asia.com


Monday, May 19, 2014

Learn How To Make Inexpensive Bridal Invitations

Planning a wedding can be costly in terms of time and money. One simple way to save on wedding expenses is to make your own bridal invitations. Not only will you save money by doing it yourself, you’ll also be able to add personal touches that will make your invitations all the more special. Need some ideas? Here are some ways to make bridal invitations that won’t take a chunk out of your wedding budget.

Make bridal invitations: Download wedding invitation templates

There are various online sites where you can download wedding invitation templates to create your own invitations. This can be a real time saver. Many of these sites will let you download templates for free, while others will allow you to use their templates only if you purchase paper from them. With a little searching, you can find wedding invitation templates that are completely free with no strings attached. Once you have a template selected, designing the invitation can be as simple as inserting your own wording and printing it out on your printer. It’s important to use high quality paper so your invitation won’t look cheap or flimsy. Higher quality paper can be purchased from office supply stores or stores that sell art supplies. Make bridal invitations: Make them from scratch

Another way to make bridal invitations is to buy pre-made blank cards from an art supply store. Once you have your cards, spend some time crafting your message using a text based program. Choose a beautiful font for your invitation by googling “free wedding fonts”. Once you have your invitations set up, print them out on pretty, handmade paper you’ve purchased from an art supply store. Use a glue stick designed for gluing paper to attach the invitation to the card stock. Now you can add your own unique embellishments and personal touches to make your invitations all the more special.

Make bridal invitations: Embellishments

Once you have your basic invitation, you can add inexpensive embellishments to give them more interest. Try using natural elements such as pressed flowers, leaves, or even pressed herbs to decorate your invitations. Visit your local fabric store and select some pretty ribbon that compliments the paper you’re using and attach it to the card. You can also buy tiny, pre-made bows at fabric stores that will add a soft, feminine touch. Other embellishments to consider are small charms or even tiny seashells if you’re having a beach themed wedding. A simple, inexpensive way to embellish bridal invitations is to use craft punches for punching designs onto paper available at your local craft store. These can be purchased in a variety of designs including hearts, flowers, and butterflies which are perfect for wedding invitations. Another option is to string small beads onto cording and tie it around your invitations. A visit to your local craft store will give you tons of inspiration.

When you make bridal invitations of your own, not only do you save money, but you get an invitation that’s uniquely your own. Explore the many possibilities!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Peacock Wedding Invitations By Prestige Creation's For A Luxury Guest Invitation

Handcrafted Luxury Peacock Wedding Invitation Designs From Prestige Creations, Thailand. A Manufacturer Of Premium Invitations & Packaging Designs Operating Since 2006

To round up our silk invitation collection we have recently added peacock feather wedding invitation designs.

We use imported and local peacock feathers that are hand selected and then used along rhinestone crystal brooches to embellish premium quality invitation boxes, pocket fold invitations and favor boxes elegantly.

The folder measures 7x7 inches and was made in teal and purple theme for our client. If you have wholesale inquiries in such designs, contact us today or check out our website handbag-asia.com for more designs. You can also call us at 66.86.0767574 for urgent question.

The Prestige Creations factory was established in 2006. Since the start we were involved in manufacturing all kinds of handmade silk invitations including silk boxes, silk folios, silk cards as well as paper invitations, wedding embellishments and mailing boxes.