Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bespoke Silk Invitation

Are you still looking for the right bespoke silk invitation design available for wholesale at low cost? We might have just the right thing for you.
Recently added was also this brand new silk invitation design in style of a folder. We made it in royal purple colors featuring luxury rhinestone crown brooches and fine satin ribbon. The inside of the folder is equipped with pockets so you can add your RSVP cards right there. What's more, silk corners in the middle to house the main invitation card as well as fine padded exterior for luxury effect and protection of all cards.
We made the shown design in 6x8.5" standard size. However if you have requirements in another size, just drop us a line, we can make all kind of bespoke invitation design sin any color and size for you.

If you are interested and want to know more about us and our handmade silk invitation designs simply go on our website below:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding Invitation Boxes Are Here!

All new wedding invitation boxes are added now, available in various colors!
Crazy about silk invitation? Not found the right design in the internet yet? Choose from, choose from various shapes, sizes, colors and ideas making your wedding announcement a noticed one! Cheap? Yes, we are manufacturer and add minimal markup on all our designs allowing clients to have quality at lowest price possible.
Quality: We have so many years experience and background knowledge in packaging and stationary manufacturing allowing you to get a top quality item shipped save with DHL by express to your home or warehouse. Wherever you are, USA, UAE, UK, Africa or Fiji island, we ship worldwide.

Having it your way is simple with, too: Clients have the choice, color, size, even embellishment is really up to the customer. The always new designs added on our website will allow always new ideas and possibilities. Customize your wedding invitation the way you want them and get fine quality work, fully handmade.
Interested? Why not sending us an e-mail now, you can simply fill the CONTACT FORM and let's go!