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Wedding embellishments such as rhinestone crystal buckle, brooches and crystal clasps

Wedding embellishments such as rhinestone crystal buckle, brooches and crystal clasps

When a couple decides to get married, their first thought is that everything will be easy sailing. But then reality knocks at their door and they realize that there is a lot of effort to be put in a wedding. Besides selecting the best dress for the bride and the dresses for the bridesmaids, the cake, the location, the decorations, there is also the issue of inviting people. Many couples decide to go with online invitations because they are really easy to work with and they can be sent to anybody in a matter of seconds. But there is nothing more personal than a hand signed nicely wrapped paper invitation. Of course, the invitations must also be sent in nice holders, like envelopes or boxes. These containers are very important because they are the first objects that come in contact with the people invited to the wedding so they need to make a good impression.

There are many types of embellishments that can be used to beautify an invitation box or envelope. Some of the most sought after and also some of the most beautiful such objects are brooches, clasps, and buckles made from rhinestone crystals. These diamantes are a very popular embellishment when it comes to beautifying an invitation holder. Couples can choose from many models that can be found on handbag-asia.com. They come in all shapes and sizes and they will surely make the invitation box you opted for look even better!

For example, one could choose to purchase a brooch with a simple form or a more complex one. There are brooches that resemble flowers, crests, musical instruments, or animals. This variety of brooches points towards the fact that there are little to no chances that a customer will not find what he or she desires. Another important fact about the embellishments made from rhinestone crystals is the fact that they are of a high quality. The materials are imported from the Czech Republic and are of a much higher quality than anything else that can be found on the Chinese market. Also, the ornaments are 100% rhinestone. There are many other types of such rocks that mimic diamonds and some of them can be made from acrylic. Quite a lot of people choose to use plastic embellishments because they are cheaper but handbag-asia.com will only work with high quality materials. This is the reason why the rhinestone crystals are imported because quality is always a key factor in creating durable and beautiful rhinestone embellishments.

As for the catalogue, one can easily find all the selection of embellishments on the web site. There are hundreds of ornaments that can be used to beautify wedding invitation boxes and envelopes. The rhinestone crystals are used to adorn a plethora of objects. You can find buckles that have been embellished with these crystals, brooches that have received the same treatment, and even clasps that can be used to hold invitations together. Each and every object mentioned can be found in the catalogue on handbag-asia.com.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your big wedding day with wedding invitation boxes covered by silk

A wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of many people. Wedding invitation boxes with make the difference from the start!

Young or old, all couples who haven’t done it yet will probably want to make the big step of getting married. But there are many things that need to be taken care of when it comes to a wedding. The planning of the whole event can be a hard thing to deal with so making the effort worthwhile is very important.
Every couple wants their wedding to look good, the setting to be perfect, the menu to be delicious and exquisite, and the music to create a nice, fun, and romantic setting. But there is also the issue of announcing the wedding and of inviting people to the wedding. Letting close friends, relatives, coworkers, and whomever you might want to invite know that you are getting married to your better half is an important part of the whole process of organizing a wedding. The best way of inviting people to your wedding is by sending nice invitations that have been custom-made for you.
Couples usually send these invitations in very nice envelopes that are usually custom-made, too. But some couples will choose to go with a different type of invitation recipient and that is the wedding invitation box.

Invitation boxes can send messages on their own; they can give away a sense of luxury, even royalty. That is why couples choose to use them. These boxes are usually draped in a fine material like silk or velvet. They can be found in all sorts of colors and most of the time they come with a very nice bow on top. The names of the groom and bride can be inscribed on top of the box. The shape of the box can also be chosen depending on how wide or long the invitation is.
All these types of boxes, and many more, can be found at many manufacturers. You can even order them online.

My opinion is that you can browse and purchase for some of the best looking wedding invitation boxes on handbag-asia.com. You can search all their 16 pages-worth of products among which you will not only find invitation boxes but also folios, bags, and whatnot. At first sight, all these products seem to be of the highest quality and the testimonials also seem to say the same things. One of the best features that they have is online shopping. You can contact the seller, discuss the details of your order, place the order, and then just wait for the products to arrive. It is just that simple.

So, if you are planning on getting married then you should probably think about using such invitation boxes. For people who really like leather they even make suede invitation boxes and folios.
You should just think of the reaction and respect that you will get from the people that you invite to your wedding when they receive their invitations in such stylish and finely crafted invitation boxes.

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The luxury of silk invitation boxes

Wedding Invitation is one of the most important parts of a wedding planning process, if you have decided the location and the date of your wedding day, typically you will need to prepare your wedding invitation. Some time ago, wedding invitations came in a simple form, it could be in the form of postcards that were sent to all the people you want to invite. But today, the wedding invitations are no longer considered as a trivial thing, the wedding invitation is one of some important parts of the big plan, and sometimes require a certain budget.

Your wedding invitations can set the theme of your wedding from the moment they are received by your guests. A unique wedding invitation can give an interesting impression to people that you invite. It can help build a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for your wedding ceremony. Choosing wedding invitations is not a simple task since there are so many ideas you can get, however, silk invitation boxes are one of the most popular ideas because they have visual appeal, uniqueness and creativity.

If you are planning a luxurious wedding ceremony, silk invitation box is a perfect choice. With its unique and elegant design, silk invitation box will impress your guests. There are different variations of silk invitation boxes such as embellished wedding invitation boxes and wedding pouches to name a few. When we talk about silk invitation box, we cannot distract our attention from Thai silk. Thai silk is known internationally as one of the finest silk in the world, and it has long been associated with the world’s fashion. Thai silk is great for use as a material for making all kinds of silk products. There are so many items that can be made from Thai silk such as ladies wear, silk pyjamas, neck scarf, beach accessories, shoulder bag, silk invitation boxes and many more.

Thai silk invitation box has attracted so many attentions from all over the world as a unique wedding invitation with elegant design. It’s perfect for your precious event since it can bring elegance and sophistication to your wedding, and every person you invite will never forget this.

You can imagine the first reaction of your guests when they received your special handcrafted wedding invitations that are neatly enclosed in an adorable silk invitation box. Silk wedding invitation boxes, wedding pouches, and wedding embellishments are a fancy way to impress guests and surely they will remember it. With a variety of colors and designs, silk wedding invitation boxes and wedding pouches can be fitted to any wedding theme. To enhance the luxury of your wedding, you can use beautiful wedding embellishments. These wedding embellishments come in a different colors and designs to choose from, and they can meet your wedding theme. To match your preference, there are many options available such as crystal buttons, embossed logo badge, golden pearl brooch, rhinestone crystal clasp and many more. They are all beautiful and surely they will make your wedding event stand out from other wedding ceremonies.
A box that is enclosed in beautiful silk is a great way to send luxury invitations, in addition to the natural elegance of silk, invitation box also allows us to add some remarkable dimensional elements such as brooches, crystal embellishment etc. The wedding ceremony is the most awaited event for all couples. And as a very special event, we would like to present an unforgettable impression to our guests.

Aside from the food, decor, and some other elements, wedding invitations can help create a luxurious ambiance for your event. Thai silk invitation boxes can do the job well, they have the elegance, the quality, and also the style to create a luxurious impression to your event.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Make Wedding Save The-Date Cards

A Save-The-Date card is not a must when your wedding is on the horizon, but it is something that you should consider so that you can help your guests to plan for the future. You can send these out before the official invitations just so that people can have a bit of extra time to get the day off from work and to plan the trip to your ceremony. It is quite easy to make these on your own, and it can even be rather fun to put your artistic side to the test.

Get a Photograph
The first thing that you should do is to get a good photograph of you and your fiance. Just choose a beautiful backdrop like a beach, a forest, or a place that is special and unique to you as a couple. Some couples like to do memorable activities that showcase their love and affection, such as riding a double bicycle or standing in a field of blooming wildflowers while holding hands. If you would like, hold a poster or a card in the photograph that displays the date of your wedding. If you do not want to hold the card, just pose for the picture and address the date later.

Add the Text
Using a basic photo editing program, you can add text to the picture with your computer. This text should include your names at the very least. If you did not put the date into the photograph itself, you can can write it on the picture at this point. You do not need to worry about giving out the location of the ceremony or anything of this nature since all of these things will be addressed in the invitations that will follow.

Order Your Postcards
The last step is to work with an online printing company to create custom postcards using your photograph. Postcards can save you a lot of money because you will not have to buy envelops for each of the cards. You do not even have to spend any time writing a message on the back of each one. Just write down the recipient's address, adhere a stamp to the upper righthand corner, and drop the postcard in the mail. This is a fast and easy way to get the whole process started, to ensure that everyone that you want to be at your wedding will be able to put it on their calendars soon enough to plan around the date.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Silk Envelope With Large Pearl Brooch Embellishment

Below a picture of our latest silk invitation design. This time we developed a classic silk envelope shape with magnet closure and large pearl brooch embellishment attached to the design. bespoke colors and sizes to match your clients wedding theme can be ordered. Place your sample order with silk swatch set today, we are sure you will be satisfied with quality and craftsmanship.

Size: 4x9 inches

Material: Shown in fine faux silk, other fabrics can be used.

Or how about our handmade wedding invitation boxes? Cost are a bit higher due to more detail work. We feature all kinds of silk invitation and can make your bespoke designs.

Couture Silk Invitations For Wedding Cards

Over the last view weeks our designer have developed quiet a view new designs from silk invitation boxes over favor boxes until our classic silk folios.
Fully handmade as always, these new creations come in bespoke colors and sizes.
Thai woven silk is covering each design featuring fine padding. We have also recently upgraded our padding material to have a even better quality look and feel of all invitation designs. New wedding embellishments are developed while we write this blog post, so drop by in a view days to see them pictured on our website.

Below some of our highlights this month:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silk Invitations - Divine Creations From Planet Earth

A happy customer every told us our invitation designs are truly divine and different to what they have seen lately on the market. In fact we do our best creating designs that are extraordinary in it's appearance and quality. This is why all silk invitations leaving our factory are fully handmade featuring finest materials including imported dupioni silk fabrics, fabric lace and our famous rhinestone crystal brooches. It is important to us that our clients wedding event will gain even more attention due to our companies contribution in fine quality designs different to others.
Over the last weeks we played a bit around with new fabric lace we imported and created a view mock up designs available to purchase now. Mostly we covered the lace as an extra layer over our Thai silk and Faux silk fabrics allowing a bolder look and feel. Clients are always welcome to do bespoke designs with us, there is nothing better than a unique silk invitation design for a unique wedding. We guide our clients through every process until the final wholesale purchase with the motto "nothing is impossible" in Amazing Thailand!

If you are new to our brand Prestige Creations and have never ordered invitations from us before, you might love to order a sample kit with our silk swatch set featuring all silk colors available in our factory. This will give you a great overview of our quality and you can get confidence in our companies service.

We work hard designing new creations every month and always look after new fabrics and embellishments that make each new invitation box a special one. Got interested in silk invitations? Check out our latest designs on our companies website here: Handbag-Asia.com If you want to know how much our designs are or if you are a reseller or stationary designer and wish to become our trading partner you can also register a wholesale account on our website. After you registered successfully you can already log in and see wholesale prices. Every month some designs will be sold at promotion prices!

Here are now also the links for a wholesale registration:

We are excited hearing from you soon and hope we can make your wedding event most special with our handmade silk invitation designs.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bespoke Silk Invitation

Are you still looking for the right bespoke silk invitation design available for wholesale at low cost? We might have just the right thing for you.
Recently added was also this brand new silk invitation design in style of a folder. We made it in royal purple colors featuring luxury rhinestone crown brooches and fine satin ribbon. The inside of the folder is equipped with pockets so you can add your RSVP cards right there. What's more, silk corners in the middle to house the main invitation card as well as fine padded exterior for luxury effect and protection of all cards.
We made the shown design in 6x8.5" standard size. However if you have requirements in another size, just drop us a line, we can make all kind of bespoke invitation design sin any color and size for you.

If you are interested and want to know more about us and our handmade silk invitation designs simply go on our website below: Handbag-Asia.com

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wedding Invitation Boxes Are Here!

All new wedding invitation boxes are added now, available in various colors!
Crazy about silk invitation? Not found the right design in the internet yet? Choose from Handbag-Asia.com, choose from various shapes, sizes, colors and ideas making your wedding announcement a noticed one! Cheap? Yes, we are manufacturer and add minimal markup on all our designs allowing clients to have quality at lowest price possible.
Quality: We have so many years experience and background knowledge in packaging and stationary manufacturing allowing you to get a top quality item shipped save with DHL by express to your home or warehouse. Wherever you are, USA, UAE, UK, Africa or Fiji island, we ship worldwide.

Having it your way is simple with Handbag-Asia.com, too: Clients have the choice, color, size, even embellishment is really up to the customer. The always new designs added on our website will allow always new ideas and possibilities. Customize your wedding invitation the way you want them and get fine quality work, fully handmade.
Interested? Why not sending us an e-mail now, you can simply fill the CONTACT FORM and let's go!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lace Wedding Folio & Wedding Invitation Boxes

Once again we have updated our collection of wedding invitation boxes and folios, some pictures below. We have been working again on designs featuring lace, this time with classic floral design. Stay tuned, new designs are coming soon. For the pictures we made samples in mostly 6x6 inches as well as 5x7x1 inches for the invitation box.
Some new rhinestone crystal brooches were also involved to embellish each invitation in a elegant way. if you wish to place a sample order before your final bulk order, do not hesitate to contact us now.

Check out also our new wedding invitation designs here:

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lace Wedding Invitation Box

Every wedding event should be most special for guest and of course bride and groom. Everything starts with the invitation card. So why not packing them into exclusively handmade silk invitation boxes featuring handmade lace fabrics? The effect is magnificent and your guest will be more than impressed having not just a luxury boxed invitation but also a memory for long. The ways in appearance or style are almost unlimited. We can manufacture bespoke designs the way you like them and play with the lace on parts of the box you want to have it. Different lace styles and colors are available to allow a better choice and for easy match to every wedding theme.

Check out Handbag-Asia.com on regular basis for updates of our latest lace invitation designs because we post new products almost every week now.
Lace invitations have become very famous over the last month and so we are proud presenting more and more lace invitations soon. Shown design was manufactured with ivory color Thai silk covered with flower patter lace in white color. The interior was kept with plain white silk to have a simple contrast.
We chose the standard size 6x6x1 inches for the example here. if you wish to order custom invitations in your own color theme or size, just send us an e-mail here. We look forward manufacturing your first order soon.
Feel free to check out other new designs on Handbag-Asia.com


Monday, April 29, 2013

New Lace Fabrics Arrived!

We are happy to announce that our new lace fabrics with fine floral designs recently arrived. Shortly the first invitation boxes, folios and favor boxes will be uploaded featuring our new woven lace fabrics. Stay tuned!

Wedding Embellishments & Rhinestone Brooches

On Handbag-Asia.com we are dedicated to manufacturing and wholesaling high quality products. Most famous are our latest wedding embellishment designs featuring fine quality rhinestone crystal. Prestige Creations is permanently working on new designs and trend ideas which makes it easy for our customer to stay ahead of competitors. Not only are all our designs made with real rhinestones, hand placed inside the silver or gold plated frames but also our price and quality is very competitive. The customer is able to choose from a wide range of designs including buckle, brooches, buttons and not to forget our rhinestone clasp for silk folder and gate fold boxes. We are able to process custom made designs if your order is not to small. Most importantly for us customer comes first. Please feel free to contact us today and let us make your first sample or trial order soon. Looking forward to embellish your wedding event with our fine rhinestone crystal designs soon.


Wedding Invitation Boxes

We have recently posted a new wedding invitation box design on our website handbag-asia.com featuring large rhinestone crystal clasp embellishment.
The box design was made in ivory color in a standard size of 7x7x1 inches. All parts are padded and covered with fine Thai silk. if you are looking for an extraordinary experience for your wedding invitation, please try one of our designs. All parts are handmade in Chiang mai featuring the finest materials we can find.
New designs are recently added by our staff so that you can always choose from new ideas and creations made in Thailand. We now hope to be hearing from you soon.

Design: Silk Box for Wedding

Size shown: 7x7x1 inches

Material: Thai silk

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding Favor

New handmade silk favor box in black silk with black 2 inches wide ribbon on the lid and large crown brooch featuring rhinestones and A grade pearls. All parts handmade with very high quality. Size: 3x3x2.5 inches or in custom size if requested. Our wedding favor boxes are very famous along celebrity clients, order samples now and make your event a little more special than others. We are waiting for your request now and are ready to send samples along silk swatch set.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Couture Invitation

Item# SIBE152
Couture wedding invitation boxes in all new look and feel featuring printed satin silk as well as large pearl brooch. Size: 7x7x1 inches (Custom size is welcome!)
Choosing the right wedding invitation is not easy, transfer all the work to us and let us manufacture your luxury silk invitation box. Shown design is padded inside and outside with pockets behind each door for RSVP cards. The padded bottom has our ribbon holder that will house your invitation card. We can customize invitation boxes with your own color, size and embellishment.
Get in touch with us today and let's se what we can manufacture for your wedding event!

Silk Invitation Box

Item# SIBE139B
Still ultra famous is also this white silk wedding invitation box, a true couture invitation. The design featured large rhinestone crystal clasp with hundreds of small rhinestone crystal. Our brooches and clasp are made by hand with imported crystal stones, so you can be sure you will not get a cheap invitation copy as often offered from India and China.
Speaking of our quality, the invitation box itself is handmade as well featuring fine Thai silk and extra string card board walls.
The interior as well as the exterior are fine padded giving the box an elegant look and feel as well as protecting the invitation card inside.
You can mix and match with the colors. Choosing the color is easy, simply mail us your wedding theme and we will make a sample for you, sending it along silk swatch set and other designs you may like. Fell in love with another embellishment? Well, no problem as well, customer can choose their own embellishment as well.
Well, as for now we wish you a great day and hope to be hearing from you soon. May your next invitation box made by us!

Suede & Silk Wedding Invitation Pocket Folder For A Beautiful Wedding Invitation

Item# CH58 as featured on handbag-asia.com

Measurements: 6x6 inches

Fine handmade silk pocket folder with suede fabric inside. Design features pocket in the left side for example for your RSVP card. On the right side fabric corners to house the main invitation card. The folder is padded outside, completely handmade and has a very high quality.

Invitation folder are the perfect light weight alternative to wedding boxes and can be ordered for wholesale at low price. Customer have the choice to embellish folios by their own or to order additional wedding embellishments. You can see embellishment option featured on this blog as well as on our website handbag-asia.com including rhinestone brooches, crystal clasp and our famous large pearl brooch creations. if you have question, just drop us a line, we are happy to hear from you about your upcoming wedding event. Find latest designs we develop by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our new wedding invitation boxes are available now!

Dear customer, we have recently added new wedding invitation box designs as well as a new suede fabric watch box for you featuring our rhinestone brooches and fine ribbon embellishments. Our handmade couture wedding invitations became again very famous this month especially with the new trend colors black and white. Don't forget, we can manufacture all designs in your own color scheme and sizes in perfect fit and match to your invitation cards. Don't be shy sending us your own ideas, we are probably able manufacturing it to make your invitation a dream invitation!

Here are some examples:

All designs displayed on Handbag-Asia.com are handmade, fine padded with high quality finish. Samples ready to order now with our fabric swatches.

Besides we started working on some nice wedding gift ideas like our new business card holder covered with suede fabric and embellished with some of our best selling crystal brooches. You might fall in love with our new wedding pouches featuring sea shell handle and large pearl brooch also shown below:

For all new customer having never ordered from us please feel free to register/login here:

On handbag-asia.com there is as well a testimonial page where customer have the chance to post their experience with handbag-asia.com:

For wholesale inquiries or interest ordering custom designs please contact here: http://www.handbag-asia.com/contactus.php

We look forward to hearing from you and warm wishes from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Couture Wedding Invitations

Chiang Mai Wedding Invitations factory offering Couture Invitations and announcements for weddings and special events at affordable prices now! Set the tone for your extraordinary event and be a step in advanced with our luxury handmade silk invitation boxes and wedding invitations that top every ordinary paper stationary concept. Here in Chiang Mai we manufacture only highest quality products and export worldwide. Couture wedding invitation boxes are not just modern but will make sure your wedding event will be unforgettable from the start. Think of a fully handmade silk invitation box with fine selected Czech rhinestone brooches or embellishments featuring our feathers and rhinestone buckle.
It is easy to stand out with our creations and it is easy to order, too as all our customer can enjoy ordering fast and simple by e-mail through our website handbag-asia.com Even more, by e-mail you will be able to get free advise while choosing colors, schemes and embellishments. We know, every wedding must be the most special day in your life and so will be our couture invitation boxes be the most special invitation design for your guest. We know every customers style and vision differs and so do our designs, we offer a selection of classic designs, over modern combinations as well as very large invitation boxes with extra large crystal brooches that want to make their announcements with a boom. We are designing custom handmade invitations for high end clients throughout the world since 2006 and carry on this tradition for all our customer and friends to the next generation of couture invitations and wedding stationary.
Let us inspire you, let us be your wedding invitation box manufacturer and designer for your or your clients wedding now. Got interested? check out our new designs on http://www.handbag-asia.com