Saturday, January 19, 2013

Couture Wedding Invitations

Chiang Mai Wedding Invitations factory offering Couture Invitations and announcements for weddings and special events at affordable prices now! Set the tone for your extraordinary event and be a step in advanced with our luxury handmade silk invitation boxes and wedding invitations that top every ordinary paper stationary concept. Here in Chiang Mai we manufacture only highest quality products and export worldwide. Couture wedding invitation boxes are not just modern but will make sure your wedding event will be unforgettable from the start. Think of a fully handmade silk invitation box with fine selected Czech rhinestone brooches or embellishments featuring our feathers and rhinestone buckle.
It is easy to stand out with our creations and it is easy to order, too as all our customer can enjoy ordering fast and simple by e-mail through our website Even more, by e-mail you will be able to get free advise while choosing colors, schemes and embellishments. We know, every wedding must be the most special day in your life and so will be our couture invitation boxes be the most special invitation design for your guest. We know every customers style and vision differs and so do our designs, we offer a selection of classic designs, over modern combinations as well as very large invitation boxes with extra large crystal brooches that want to make their announcements with a boom. We are designing custom handmade invitations for high end clients throughout the world since 2006 and carry on this tradition for all our customer and friends to the next generation of couture invitations and wedding stationary.
Let us inspire you, let us be your wedding invitation box manufacturer and designer for your or your clients wedding now. Got interested? check out our new designs on