Friday, November 13, 2009

Silk Favor Box & Dinner Table

Rich Dutchman Photography

Wedding reception dinner table featuring handmade White Thai silk embellished wedding favor box - custom designed for our client.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Pouches

Our handmade
wedding pouches can be an alternative to silk favor boxes as well. Our wedding pouches are available in any required size and can be embroidered with logos, graphics and initials if required. Several materials are available including satin (as shown), faux silk, Thai silk and even pure dupioni silk is an option for this design.

Size: 5 inches wide (round bottom) x 5 inches high

Material: Polyester satin (Available also with faux silk or Thai silk)

Colors: Please select from our fabric color chart online

If you can question or inquiries, simply click here

Gold Wedding Invitation Box

Embellished wedding invitation box, shown with faux silk cover and crystal ring embellishment. This design comes with pockets behind each lid and interior padding. 

Shown size: 7x7x1 inches (One of our best selling size. However, other sizes can be ordered)

Material: We used faus silk for the designs shown and can use 100% Thai silk or 100% dupioni silk instead if required.

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The new invitation box & favor box collection of NANGFA

NANGFA has just uploaded a new selection of silk favor boxes, wedding invitation boxes and silk folder to it's website
Designs were made with new or already existing crystal buckle designs for the embellishments.

Shown here on the left hand side is one of our new favor boxes which, if required, can be also manufactured in larger size to be used as a gift box or invitation box. As always, customers are welcome to mix and match  customize and create their own ideas to suit their wedding scheme.