Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Exclusive wedding invitation silk box

As now widely featured online this new wedding silk invitation box with stunning pearl embellishment is the MUST HAVE of this season. Choose color, size and details with us, add initial embroideries, pads or silk envelopes to match your requirements. All parts are handmade with care. The box is padded in/outside with pockets behind each door for example for your RSVP...
Exclusive wedding invitation boxes ideas start here.

Shown size: 6x9x0.5 inches
Shown material: Faux silk
Shown color: Purple theme

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Gift? How about Thai silk shawls...

Looking for the right wedding gift for your guest, how about one of NANGFA's hand woven Thai silk shawls ? All shawls are 100% handwoven in Thailand with only natural materials. 
Size: 16 inches wide x 65 inches long (NOTE: Size can be slightly bigger)
Material: 100% Thai silk

Thai silk drawstring bags - Screen or Embroider them with Initials & Logos!

A pure Thai silk drawstring bag by NANGFA suits just perfect to pack gifts and favors such as wedding favors or corporate gifts such as picture frames. It can be manufactured in any size, embroidered with logos or initials and is even available in faux silk fabrics for a smaller budget.
Below is a picture of one of our 100% Thai silk drawstring bags, manufactured last month for a US customer.

Measurements: 14x18 inches
Color: Pink

Monday, November 15, 2010

Black dupioni silk folder with embellishment

Handmade silk invitation folder, trimmed with pure 100% dupioni silk. Padded exterior.
Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, also available with faux silk for low budget demand. Use embellished silk folder for your personal or your clients wedding or party invitation. Choose NANGFA to receive ultimate high quality products. 
Color: Black
Item weight: 0.19 KG
Material: 100% dupioni silk
Size: 5x7 inches

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chartreuse Silk Invitation Box

Find elegant Chartreuse Silk Invitation Boxes by NANGFA now online on handbag-asia.com
Chartreuse Silk Invitation Boxes are the new trend for a modern wedding theme. Try something new, ivory and gold schemes are classic, chartreuse are simply the latest trend.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Embroidered Wedding Invitation Boxes with Initial Embroidery

Initial embroidered silk wedding invitation boxes are simply beautiful. NANGFA has a selection of classic designs available such as the shown gatefold silk box with removable silk pad and pockets on each side for your RSVP card. Initials can be individually designed ad we can embroider pretty much everything on our silk invitation boxes .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elegant crystal wedding embellishments

Elegant crystal embellishments for invitation folder, folios or boxes are a "must have" for all soon to be married couples that require a bit more than just a simple invitation card. 
Crystal buckle, brooches and buttons are easily attached to every folder or box with the combination of a silk or satin ribbon or are attached with a pin or click on the back side of each embellishment.
In most cases the actual crystal stone can be ordered in a wide range of colors to match perfectly to the tone of the folder and wedding theme. NANGFA provides a wide range of high quality crystal embellishments
Sure there will be the perfect buckle, brooch or crystal button for your requirements and special taste as well.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Wedding Invitation Boxes ? How about a wedding scroll and silk box combi?

Orange Silk Wedding Scrolls are now available by NANGFA and with a stunning padded silk box.
Pictured design was manufactured with an orange silk fabric for a religious Buddhist event.
The fine pine wood scrolls with its orange silk and an ivory touch by its ribbon bow suit just perfect to a flat lid wedding invitation box.
The silk box is embellished with one of our high quality crystal buttons in the center.
All pine wood scroll wedding silk invitation boxes are available in custom sizes, a wide range of materials and colors. Contact the sales team of NANGFA for your individual order.

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Silk Invitation Envelopes for Weddings, Parties or ?

Unique as they are, handmade silk envelopes with crystal button by NANGFA. Not only that they are padded to protect the invitation card better than a common paper envelope, silk envelopes are also ways more elegant and exclusive.
NANGFA's clients enjoy ordering custom made silk envelopes and silk pouches for their events such as weddings, parties and big events since many years.
Silk envelopes are available in many designs, with a wide selection of crystal and fabric closures, snaps, magnets, with- without padding, with initial embroideries, pattern screen and much more.

Visit the website handbag-asia.com for more details or simply browse in our blog for more invitation packaging designs and ideas by NANGFA.

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Silk Invitation Card Holder

NANGFA is manufacturing all your required silk table holders, invitation card holders and silk pads to place in silk boxes, on tables, to use as menu cards or simply as a wedding picture holder.

Our designs are available in a wide range of materials including 100% Thai silk, 100% dupioni silk, faux silk and cotton. Most commonly ordered are our faux silk pads with embellishment.

Simply order the size, material and color that you need for your individual wedding, corporate or private event, we are sure we can fulfill your requirements and win you as a longtime customer!

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