Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Silk Folios In Chocolate Brown

Our chocolate brown silk folios are a great alternative to silk invitation boxes and can be used not only for wedding invitations but for any event invitation. Always ordered are folios with initial and company logo embroidery. This makes them unique and remarkable. Shown design was manufactured by us in a often ordered size of 6.5 inches in the wide and 9 inches in the hight. You can order our folios of course in any other size as well and if you feel boring ordering a brownish color, try our fresh pink or blue tones!

Monday, December 21, 2009


All our designs can now finally be found easily in our new picture gallery

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thai Silk Box

We thought customers might like this combination of black plain silk and bold 100% Thai silk with traditional pattern. This new Thai silk box is very suitable for spa set packaging (separations can be added inside), candy products or gifts (It's holiday season!). The picture features our black and red color combination.

Pink Silk Wedding Pouch

Wedding silk invitation pouch with crystal closure featured in pink shade. No padding was added to this design to have a very flat and light weight product for our customer. This silk envelope is as well suitable to combine with our handmade silk invitation boxes as a combo. For inquiries or question click here .

Saa Paper Folder "Opened View"

Picture featuring opened view of our new saa paper wedding folder.

Saa Paper Wedding Invitation Folder & Boxes by NANGFA

New picture featuring saa paper wedding invitation folder. Shown folder was manufactured in 7x7 inches with pockets behind each gate inside and ribbon holder for your invitation card.

As always sizes and designs can be customized in any size required and a wide range of colors.
Check out for latest designs and ideas or simply contact nangfa79(at) if you have inquiries.